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Dan Neelands

Mike Crawford

Gary Ritchie

Dan has been flying at the Lister Road glider port (PSSF field) for at least 15 of the club's 23 years at this site. Dan flew rudder-only single channel gliders in the 1970s before setting aside modelling to pursue a career in full scale aviation, energy engineering and construction.
Somewhere around the turn of the century he stumbled on PSSF and Joe Paul's amazing sailplane winch. After watehing for about an hour a member stuck a transmitter in his hands and said "Your turn, it's the yellow one way up there." Dan was hooked. We won't be getting rid of him soon.               
Gary has been building and flying model airplanes since the 1950s. Having learned to fly with free flight and control line models, he graduated to RC in 1971 while seving in the U.S. Army, where he learned his basic RC skills on the parade field at Ft. Knox, KY.
He switched to electric power in the late 1990s after joining PSSF and has never looked back.
During the past decade or so he has written more than 60 articles for many model airplane magazines, and he currently  writes a monthly column on Kit Building for FlyRC Magazine. 

He has also become proficient in model aviation photography - his photos having apeared on the covers of Model Aviation, RC-Sport Flyer, Quiet Flyer, Flying Models and FlyRC
His main interests are building and flying scale warbirds, and in flying precision aerobatics. 
As a child Mike was always fascinated with the concept of remote control aircraft, but took nearly 44 years before he could finally afford the hobby. 
Being fairly new to RC modelling, he has flown only electric airplanes and admits that he enjoys fying more than bilding.
He has been in the carpet sales and installation business in Lacey since 1966 and when he's not breaking balsa wood he likes to fish. 
You'll find MIke at most Seahawks home  games. He also likes Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain. 
John Smith
 John Smith grew up on a drylands farm in Western Kansas. He dreamed of flying from the time he was five years old. His grandfather was one of the original flying farmers. On a trip to town to get the mail in his new Ercoupe Grandad asked John to take the controls. Farm kids learn to drive early in life but John complained he was so short he could not see out of theairplane.
Life and drought in Kansas was not compatible with expensive hobbies so the airplane disappeared for many years. John was so tired of waiting for it to rain  that he jumped at the chance to work in Olympia in the summer of 1969 after Veterinary School.  He has been on the staff of the Deschutes Animal Clinic
since that time variously describing himself as a cow doctor, an orthopedic surgeon and a cat plumber.
Matt Haugh gave John the first Super Cub when he upgraded and John still flies that old Cub. It now sports a new body, the third set of wings, the second motor and many other new parts. Tongue depressores, fiberglass, epoxy and duct tape now hold the much heavier aircraft together. There have been a few other planes inthe hangar. But John still uses CubDoc as his handle. When time permits he plans to build a scale model of Granddad's Ercoupe. 


Keith Lutz

Victor Hernandez

Keith has enjoyed RC flight for the past 16 years or so and has always been fascinated by sailplanes. He currently enjoys gliders of all types but especially slope soaring gliders. He regularly makes trips of three or more hours one way to throw beautiful sail planes off of the slopes of Oregon or Eastern Washington.
Out at the PSSF field you will often see him flying his discus launch gliders, thermal duration ships or electric sailplanes of all types and sizes.
As a past PSSF President Keith knows how hard our officers work to make our club a viable and diverse aggregation of all types of fyers. He now looks forward to serving the club as a member of the Board of Directors. 
Victor grew up in Pensacola, FL watching the Blue Angels fly over the beach. He has always been fascinated with flight and has been flying RC model aircraft for about 2 1/2 years. Victor has progressed from simple trainers to exploring aerobatic flight maneuvers. He has combined the use of flight simulators and 3-axis stabilization technology to enable his sons, ages 12 and 9, to also fly trainer planes safely at the field. Both have now successfully completed solo flights from take-off to landing on many occasions.

Out of all the planes he has flown, he enjoys the Dynam Peaks the most. 

As a PSSF Board member his mission will be to suport the club's purpose: " encourage and engage in, as well as educate the public about, safe RC aero-modeling practices using electric power and other forms of silent propulsion."

At the end of the day, it is all about enjoying a hobby and flying our models. 

His other hobbies include photography and short video production.

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